Dr Abdul Kalam Bats for Free and Open Source Model

Former President of India Dr A P J Abdul Kalam has called for extending the free and open source software model to other sectors of the nation in order to benefit the community at large. This alternative model is particularly required in the wake of failure of market forces and the patent model in serving the needs of the common man, he said.

Abdul Kalam made this statement while inaugurating the National Convention of Academics and Research 2010 organised by the Free Software Movement of India (FSMI) in Hyderabad today at Mahindra Satyam campus in Bahadurpally. The three day convention is being attended by over 600 academic and researcher delegates from the state...

RTI Incomplete Without Open Data Policy for Govt

As the largest data repository, it is very crucial that the government adopts open data standards for storing data and allowing open access to data. This was stressed by speakers at a session titled 'Open Data Policy' in the ongoing National Convention of Academics and Research (NCAR 2010) in Hyderabad.

Knowledge Commons chairman, Prabir Purkayastha, in his presentation advocated open data standards as without the data being in...

Increase Use of Free Software in Teaching and Research - NCAR 2010 Concludes

The National Convention of Academics and Research 2010 called for concerted effort to introduce the use of free software in both teaching and research. It has also underlined the need of community building amongst academics and researchers in order to have socially relevant research.

The three day national convention ended with the unanimous adoption of a declaration that gave this call. The convention was attended by 550 academics and researchers from all over the country. There were in all 21 sessions and 11 tutorials covering various domains in academics and research during the three days. Eminent personalities in their respective domains came as speakers for these sessions from across the country.

The declaration of the national convention noted that...